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Kitchen Remodeling

The most important factor toward a successful Long Island Kitchen Remodeling project occurs long before the Murtha Team begins work on the heart of your home. Our expert designers will flawlessly guide you through the most critical stages to best express your visions, needs and personal tastes. You and your Murtha kitchen designer will formulate the plan to create the perfect ambiance and satisfy every consideration, including:  

Usage: Will your new kitchen be used primarily for cooking, family or entertainment purposes?

How much counter space for food preparation and cooking and storage?

Natural light:  Always a priority, but artificial lighting is usually needed, especially to avoid shadowing.

Kitchen Remodeling and Design

Long Island Bathroom Contractor
Bathroom Remodeling

A successful Long Island bathroom remodeling project requires careful planning. It must be functional and achieve your desired level of ambiance in what is often a small space. There are many aspects to consider, including:

Plumbing: what fixtures will go best with your chosen designs?

Cabinetry: what matches your vision? what gives you the most storage?

Heating: is radiant heating in your mind’s eye?

Ventilation: bathrooms are primary moisture producers. Proper ventilation and waterproofing prevent mold and mildew

Windows & skylights: can we effectively get more light into the room?

Bathroom Design and Remodeling

Long Island, Home Additions Long Island Home Extensions
Home Additions

Major home renovations can interfere with your lifestyle so Murtha strives to make the experience as least disruptive as possible. We make every effort to adhere to our quoted time frames, often finishing ahead of schedule, especially when there are no weather delays. 

Additions or dormers usually involve extending upwards, adding another level to your house.  At Murtha we establish and follow strict production schedules, keep a close eye on the weather forecasts to minimize that time of risk.

Extensions generally mean adding another room to the outside of your house which means there will be significantly less disruption to your household.

Home Extensions and Additions

Long Island Home Improvements Contractor Services

Murtha Construction Blog

Selecting a local contractor? Use this check list to avoid living a contractor horror story.

Successful Home ImprovementsHaving home improvements done on your home should be an exciting time. It should result in a good overall experience. There is nothing quite like watching your dream kitchen, bathroom or extension taking shape. Nothing can turn what should be a good experience into a bad experience quite as quickly as choosing the wrong local contractor for your project.

Mike Murtha Named to Suffolk County Home Improvement Contracting Board

Michael Murtha is honored to have been selected to represent Suffolk Counties reputable contractor community on the Suffolk County Consumer Affairs Home Improvement advisory board. 

Mold and Mildew - Issues that appear out of thin air

In order for mold to form, it must have 3 things, moisture, favorable temperatures and food.  In building performance, only moisture is easily addressable.

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