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Long Island Replacement Windows and Doors

Windows & Doors

Your home’s windows and doors serve a purpose that is far greater than just decoration and utility; they are gateways for family, visitors, light and air. When it comes to selecting the right windows and doors for your home, preparation and planning is key. With nearly three decades of experience behind us, Murtha Construction can help you make the right choice.

The contractor

The first and most crucial aspect when selecting windows and doors, whether for new construction or replacement work, is selecting a contractor who is licensed and insured, and who can help you choose quality windows and doors that fit your lifestyle and your budget.

Murtha Construction has long-standing relationships with a number of leading window and door manu
facturers such as Marvin, Andersen and Pella, among others.

Long Island Window

Murtha Construction is a proud member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, a 58-chapter nationwide organization whose purpose is to help homeowners find reputable, ethical, experienced contracting professionals. Our company also is a member of the West Islip Chamber of Commerce and has been an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau since 2000.

Selecting the right windows and doors

A door is a door, and a window is a window, right? Not so. Did you know, for instance, that the type and placement of windows on your house can affect your home’s overall energy efficiency?

When selecting windows, consider their size, shape, glazing, security and energy efficiency. Placement also is critical: East-facing windows will get the morning sun; west-facing windows receive afternoon sun, while south-facing windows will receive the most light overall. North-facing windows do not get much light, but they can still be used for ventilation. As a general rule, each room in the house should have a minimum five percent of ventilation but 10 percent is preferred.

There’s also geographic location to consider. The professionals at Murtha Construction know, for instance, that when it comes to windows, Long Island homes within a mile of the coast are required to have windows that are rated for their area’s wind zone.


Window and Door Installation

Technology and manufacturing processes are constantly changing, and even the best-quality windows and doors can under-perform if they are not properly installed. Windows and doors that are poorly installed affect your wallet and your enjoyment of your home, by resulting in the need for repair or replacement, leakage and potential damage to your home and unrealized energy savings. Windows and doors that are installed properly play a major role in helping keep heat inside in winter and cooled air inside in summer – always a major consideration, but never more so with today’s rising energy costs.

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