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Long Island Roofing, Repairs, Replacement

Intense sun. Biting cold. Whipping wind. Heavy rain. Coastal New York roofing takes a beating. The professionals at Murtha Construction know how important it is to protect what likely is your largest investment. Your goal: roofing that’s attractive and that lasts.

Choosing the right roofing materialsLong Island Architectural Roof

Murtha Construction does it all, including asphalt, wood shake and composite slate for roofing. Our professionals can help you make the decision that fits your home’s location and your budget.

Take asphalt, the most common roofing material for Long Island-area homes. Not all shingles are created equally. There’s more to the decision than price, including life expectancy, the manufacturer’s warranty and proper installation to ensure your roofing gets its maximum efficiency rating. For example, when choosing a shingle color, be aware that a lighter color roof will reflect heat better and keep your home cooler in the summer.

Why did my roof fail early?

Long Island RooferVentilation and proper insulation are critical to and directly correlated to the life of your roof. Many contractors will do a fine job of installing roofing on your home. Very few can diagnose accurately why your roof doesn’t last very long and fix the problem.

Quick, Clean, Guaranteed!

Anyone who has ever seen or had a roofing project knows that this job can be the messiest when it comes to home construction and remodeling. Murtha’s mantra is “Quick, Clean, Guaranteed!” and nowhere is that mantra more evident than in our roofing work. Do you need a roof?

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