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New construction Encompass’s building a new home on an undeveloped piece of property. New construction on Long Island is mostly spot built homes or redeveloping a piece of property after demolishing the home that was previously occupying the land. Gone are the vast tracts of undeveloped land that turn into a development. Be it a single home or multiple homes on separate lots, Murtha Construction has the expertise to build new homes.

Murtha Construction has experience in new construction from the design of the proposed residence through the architectural drawings to permitting and finally construction and occupancy. New construction is different from remodeling and home improvement. Typically, water, septic systems, drywells, surveys, electrical service and gas service all new to be ordered and new accounts need to be set up.

Architectural drawings.

The process of building a new home begins with a design contained within architectural drawings. As a design build contractor, the experts at Murtha Construction can walk you through the design phase assuring that the home meets all of the required design criteria.

Building permits and variances

Once designed, the process of obtaining a building permit or securing the required variances can begin. Depending on the specific requirements of your home and the town where your home is to be located the process will vary. In cases where no variance is required, it is usually possible to obtain a building permit in a matter of weeks. Variances will require more time as public hearings will be required.


After the proper permits have been issued, the task of actually building the home may begin. During construction it will be necessary to schedule obtain inspections on the foundation, strapping, framing, electrical, plumbing and final occupancy.

Are you thinking about or in the planning stages of building a new home? If so, you owe it to yourself to talk to the experts at Murtha Construction to help you navigate the process. Building a new home should be an enjoyable experience, Contact Murtha Today!

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