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Home improvements present unique opportunities to increase your homes energy efficiency. A licensed Long Island Home Improvement Contractor knowledgeable in Building Science, can assure you of a beautiful home that performs magnificently!

BPI Accredited Contractor I once visited a home that had had a very expensive, high end, major renovation. It was simply stunning...but utility bills skyrocketed and the home was uncomfortable. The contractor and architect did a fine job but made mistakes typical of those who give little consideration to building performance.

It doesn't need to be that way. 

Efficient Home Improvements

Murtha Construction is accredited by the Building Performance Institute and discusses building efficiency before a hammer touches your home.   You can rest at ease, knowing that home performance will be a major consideration in your home improvement project.

A super energy efficient engineering marvel

Take the case of a Murtha client who had a pipe burst on day 1 of a 4-day vacation. Imagine looking forward to relaxation after a long drive, only to find water cascading down your stairs and "rain" falling through both lower floors of your home!

Once the insurance claims were settled, the task of putting the home back together started. Before the disaster, the home suffered from uneven heating due to a leaky and poorly designed forced air heating system and major air infiltration.

By utilizing advanced building performance, the home was transformed into a super energy efficient engineering marvel described by the homeowner as "delightfully comfortable".  

Contact a Long Island Home Improvement Contractor who is also a Home Performance Contractor. 


Murtha Construction is Long Island's premier Building Performance Contractor with thousands of home improvement projects to our credit.

Building Science

Murtha Construction looks deeper into every project than the competition.  It’s the way we do business and separates us from the ordinary.  We apply the principles of Building Science to every  structure we touch, combining them with a holistic whole house approach.


• Because we understand your home is more than just a structure.  
• Because we believe that this approach will result in the  best possible living solution for you. 
• Because we appreciate that your home is a dwelling for healthy human existence
• Because we recognize that new homes and home improvements require different and specific forms of environments, as well as structural strength and integrity.

The Murtha Team analyzes, measures and provides Building Science solutions that include:  
•Moisture Management
•Indoor Air Quality
•Thermal Comfort
•Sealing of Air Leaks 
•Money-saving insulation
•Utility Comfort
•Energy Efficient Lighting
•Overall Durability and Comfort

Comfort and Efficiency

There are many talented builders and architects on Long Island. The vast majority of them have not received training in the concepts of building science, holistic design and the whole house approach. Luckily for Murtha Construction’s clients, we understand these concepts and put them into practice on every project we undertake. Everyone wants a beautiful home. Murtha homes are also comfortable and efficient.

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